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Real Estate Brokers, Agents, Resort Managers, B & B Owners, Country Inn Owners, and Individual Owners can list their properties from their computers anywhere in the world. Please click on username and password line and complete form.

10 Year Anniversary Special!!! Join us in celebrating our 10th year in business. Start listing your properties with a start off credit of $100.00. We will credit your account $100.00, FREE, just to get you started. List all the properties that you have. When a potential customer clicks on your listing you will only be charged at that time. It will cost you nothing to test Buy Resort At 10 cents per click that will give you 1000 free clicks on your listings. You have nothing to lose. Here is how it works. Go to the sign up line above. Complete the form totally. When you get to the Type Of Listing Line, Select: 10 Year Special. Get $100.00 of FREE Pay by Click Listing Hits. Go to Payment Method Line and Click on 10 Year Special Line. Go on to the Business Info Section and Complete that Form. Once you have double checked your information for errors go ahead and push the submit button. It will take you to the next section where you will select your user name and password. Once you select your user name and password you are ready to go to your listing section where you can start uploading your properties from your computer at your location. It is that easy. Within 10 minutes your properties will be on line to the world. Get started now. Have a great and profitable 2006.

Fall Special-- For those Brokers, Agents and individuals who do not want to pay by click, we have a Summer Special that I know you will not be able to pass up. Sign up now. List all the properties you have for one full year at the low yearly cost of $50.00. That is it. $50.00. This is a limited time offer. It will expire September 30, 2006. So go to the sign up line now. Complete the form. Use PayPal now and start listing. It does not get any better than this.

Listing Rates:
$36.00 per listing till sold or 6 months for those people with just one listing.
For those of you who have multiple listings. Sign up once and list all the real estate, rentals, or timeshares that you have and only pay by the click. Pay By Click. List all the property you have and you will only pay when someone clicks on your property. Ten cents per click. You can start with as little as $50.00. Pay through Pay Pal with your charge or send us a check. Each week you will receive a report from us on how many clicks your properties received. The weekly report will debit your account and alert you to when you need to send additional monies to keep your account active.

$300 per year exclusive unlimited listings per 1 area.

1 Hotel, B & B, Country Inn, or Resort address per year rate. Email for availability of area: - $150.00 per year.

Take your pick. Click on username and password line now!!

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Find: Real Estate |Lodging |Timeshares |Campgrounds RVs | BRP Square Shopping Mall | Home