To list Properties- Listing Rates: One listing- $39.95 per month. Exclusive area general section per year $360.00 Please go to front page and click on red button to get username and password. Please follow instructions from there.

Featured Section- Exclusive advertising section that places your listings apart from the General Section listings. Rate: $89.95 per month. Go to front page, click on red button for username and password. Scroll down to Featured Section red button and follow instructions on that page to schedule.

Realtors, Buyers Agents, and Exclusive Buyers Agents Directory- Seen on all front pages and over all listing pages world wide. Rate: $150.00 per year Per 2 areas. Please e-mail the following information: Company name, Location, Contact name, Phone, e-mail, and URL.

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1010 Idaho Ave.
Natrona Heights, PA 15065 USA.

Special Property Section- Seen over every listing. $200.00 per month. E-mail now to reserve your area.

Individual Property Ad Between Featured Section and Shopping Mall button on Front Pages- Rates: Real Estate Front Page- $800.00 per month. Rental Front Page-$600.00 per month. Timeshare Front Page: $600.00 per month. Schedule now. Only three spots per month.

Banner Ad Section in Shopping Mall: Rate: $60.00 per region per year. E-mail for multiple rates. Please complete form below and paste banner.

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