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Real Estate Site- Rental Site-Timeshare Site. This section is a special advertising section. Brokers, Agents, Managers and Owners who schedule this area will have their properties exclusively advertised in the Featured Resort Area Section. There will only be one broker or agent advertised per area-region in any one day, week or month.  Unless more than one agent or broker has made an agreement to split the costs in  that region. Example: Three agents from the same office have agreed that they will split the costs to keep their office and region in the Featured Section.  They only have to let us know who is paying the cost and we will put all three agents and their listings in the Featured Section.  Three Brokers from one region can get together to keep their offices and  region in the Featured Section, to get maximum coverage.  When you schedule for the Featured Section,  you and your properties will be shown  from your area. Your properties will still show  in the General Section also.

Research on the internet is showing that nine out of ten people who use the internet and who go to a front page will click first on what they see first. On our front page you see the Featured Area Section first

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Special Note: People coming through the site are not people who are just browsing. They have come to the site through many of the search engines, where you have to be specific in order to get here. They are quality. They are not getting here looking for a first home, or a rental apartment for the year. Vacation rental and timeshare are special sections that again take effort on the part of the consumer to get to where they want to be. Qualified and Quality. When they call you, know they already have put an effort in and they are ready to do business.

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